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Creative Careers: Minorities in the Arts (1977)

1977 report authored by Paul Bullock and published by the Institute of Industrial Relations at UCLA.

posted by Stacey on 04/08/14

interview ubu founder Kenneth Goldsmith on SNYK radio

In this program Jan Høgh Stricker has interviewed the founder of the archive, Mr. Kenneth Goldsmith, …

posted by john on 04/05/13

John Cage's Genius an L.A. Story -

"He was, perhaps, the greatest music radical of the 20th century. He composed using chance procedures. …

posted by Stacey on 09/02/12

Jonathan Gold: Still Life With Chicken

Not everyone knows that Los Angeles' beloved, Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold was once a …

posted by Stacey on 08/23/12

An Interview With Dick Higgins, 1971

An interview with intermedia artist Dick Higgins, who discusses his views about California Institute of the …

posted by Tom on 11/19/11

Sun Ra Berkeley Lecture 1971

"In early 1971 Sun Ra was artist-in-residence at University of California, Berkeley, teaching a course called …

posted by Stacey on 07/13/11

African American Performance Art Archive

"The African American Performance Art Archive makes crucial documentation of historically significant performances by African American …

posted by Nerdberger on 07/07/11

Corita Kent oral history transcript

1977 transcription of an oral interview (part of UCLA's oral history project) with Sister Mary Corita …

posted by kegaylord on 03/12/11

Yippie Protest at Disneyland, 1970

On August 6, 1970, the Yippies (shorthand for the anti-war group known as the Youth International …

posted by EoB on 03/01/11

Intonarumori (Luigi Russolo)

Luigi Russolo's noise generators. More sound clips at UbuWeb:

posted by DogOnWheels on 01/11/11

The Strange Case of John Bovingdon

A 1943 article on the "strange case" of modern dancer-turned-economic analyst John Bovingdon.From LIFE magazine, August …

posted by Stacey on 11/27/10

Machine Project at Los Angeles County Museum of Art …

New York Times article on Machine Project's Field Guide to LACMA. Slideshow includes images of work …

posted by EoB on 10/10/10